60 icons of Ariel from The Little Mermaid 2



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Ariel ♥



the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

I forgot this shit was in the movie.

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Chat Clor Speaks again





….did chat crash, or is my internet being worse than usual. Though, i’m prettyyyy sure that was flash as a whole, because flash crashed on two websites crashed for me..

Aaanyway, it should be up again soon..

//No, chat crashed for me too! That was weird…

OOC: I can’t access it on laptop or mobile. Must be the site.

I guess it’s back now

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//is it just me of the chat is off? o.O

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     Rapunzel gripped the flowers within her hand, letting her emotions go as the wind pressed firmly against her back. The tears fell down her face, strands of hair sticking to her cheeks. She didn’t bother wiping her tears, knowing that there would be more to fall soon. 

     Her feet sifted through the sand as she walked up to the shoreline. She let the waves wash over her ankles. The salty waters seemed to be the only thing that felt good to her at the moment. 

     She had lost her friend. Her best friend. How was she ever going to recover from that?

     Looking down at the flowers, she sniffled, trying to compose herself as she spoke. “The thing you loved so much…the ocean….why did it have to take you from me?”, she managed to choke out before walking further out into the sea, now up to her knees. “A princess of the land…sea….and sky. Watch over us okay? Keep us from harm and keep us smiling as you have always done. I love you Ariel. Never forget that." With a gentle kiss to the petals, she placed the bouquet into the waters, letting the waves take them out further into the sea until they disappeared from sight.

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Send me a ☠ to hear what my muse would say to your muse’s grave.

(Be ready for this then I’ll make it AS FEELSY AS I CAN)

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